Terms and Conditions


“The Company” – Aspire Running Events Ltd.

“The Participant” – is defined as you.

On receipt of your online payment and on registering your participation at this event you the participant are disclaiming the following points outlined in these terms and conditions/disclaimer.

We would like to draw your attention to the following declaration. You the participant agree and understand that Aspire Running Events Ltd and their representatives will not be held responsible or liable for any loss, damage, action, cost, expense, claim, injury, illness and in worst case scenario death suffered or incurred by you which may arise as a result of your participation. In consideration of the acceptance of this entry, you the participant assume full and complete responsibility for any injury, accident, costs, expenses, damages, losses and any other liabilities which may occur while you are traveling to and from the event, during the event or while you are on the premises of the event.




Entering and participating in this event is entirely at your own risk. By entering online, you the participant are immediately agreeing to this disclaimer.

Participants acknowledge that we the company will not be liable for any death, injury, loss or damage arising from participating in this event.

You the participant confirm that you are medically fit to participate.

You the participant understand and accept that this event is off road and will require prolonged and strenuous physical exertion, is subject to the unpredictability of the weather and you are responsible for your own safety.

You the participant accept that we Aspire Running Events Ltd are not responsible for the security of your kit or any other personal belongings you bring with you on the day of the event. You the participant also accept responsibility for any vehicle including its contents and that you park on event day at your own risk.

You the participant enter the event, unaware of any health or other condition which may affect your ability to safely take part in the event and will only take part if medically fit and well to do so. The decision to run or not is left to the participant’s discretion but they run at their own risk. Aspire Running Events accept no liability.

You the participant will follow all safety rules and instructions given by marshals at the event.

You the participant agree and are happy to be photographed by us, Aspire Running Events Ltd or by any 3rd party during the event and for these images to be used by us for promotional purposes at any time in the future.

Under 18’s – The minimum age to participate in a 4k event is 10 years old, a 5k event the minimum age is 12 years old, the 10k minimum age limit is 15 years old, but to enter these races they must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Under 18’s participating in any race can only race with the signed/online entry permission of a parent or legal guardian.



Important health and safety information for race days



In the past couple of weeks with various racing fatalities and serious health events arising at running races, it has become so very evident that runners should not pass their race numbers on to someone else without informing race organisers. Aspire, cannot condone this, the health and safety of our runners is paramount to us.

Therefore, on race day should you knowingly pick up someone else’s number you must come and find Donna at Race HQ and inform her. She will then get you to fill out a race disclaimer and she will then happily transfer this entry to yourself.

We also must stress the importance of writing out the emergency contact and medical details on the back of your race number before the race commences. Should an incident arise, it is very important that the medical team know of any illnesses etc. It could (at the worst case scenario) be the difference between life and death.

But more importantly, please listen to your body and if you are not feeling well on race day – Please do seriously consider not running that day, there is always another race when you are feeling better! Thank you.

Cancellation of the event


Aspire Running Events Ltd reserve the right at our discretion to cancel, delay or postpone the event due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances including adverse weather conditions, Force Majeure and/or on the advice of Emergency Services. You the participant have read, understood and accept this and where an event has to be cancelled because of this, we shall not be liable for any inconvenience, expenses, costs, losses or damages suffered by participants.



Fun Run Entrants Policy



Due to the ever-growing popularity of the 1k and 50m races which sell out at every event, we have decided to introduce a fair rule policy.

Therefore, children can enter either the 1k or 50m dash BUT not enter both at the same event.


We wish as many little ones as possible to gain a race experience and therefore receive a medal at the end of it and we think the above is fair to all.



Refunds, race & number transfers

 Our deadlines for race/name transfers and refunds are as follows:

 Refunds – Can only be given if the participant informs us one month prior to the event entered. **Please note from 2018, this will be two months prior to event day.**

 Event transfers – Participants MUST inform us strictly no later than one week before the race day.

** Please note from 2018 this will be changing to 2 weeks prior to event day**


Race name transfer – The last date this will be accepted is 4 days before the event.


Details required for this are:

 New entrants name
Email address

Contact telephone No:
 Any affiliated club


Please note, you can only transfer your race entry once (Should you need to defer again, you will be charged £7.50). If you are unsure if you will be fit, we would rather add you to the unknown transfer list. You can then inform us which race you would like to do when fit and able.


From 2018, we have no choice but to implement the following race transfer charges:


If requested before the deadline (2 weeks before race day) your race transfer will continue to be free.


Outside of the transfer deadline (2 weeks before race day), you will be charged £5 (This covers our pre race up front costs, including your race entry, which we fund rather than charging participants extra)


The above has sadly had to be implemented due to the overwhelming amount of participants who can no longer run so close to race day and  request race deferments at the last minute. Each transfer takes a considerable amount of time.


Name transfers up until 4 days prior to race day will continue to be changed for free.


Please do remember most organisers in most cases do not offer refunds or transfers and charge ridiculous amounts to change race details. We would never do this but sadly, we are no longer able to absorb these hidden costs without charging… Apologies in advance.


Thank you for your understanding on the above from your friendly Aspire team.





4 races for the price of 3 - free race is non-transferable.



Group Bookings


Should any of the pre-registered group booking party be unable to run, sadly their place is un refundable or race transferable. Although we will accept a name transfer.

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