Here are the photos from our 2018 race calendar.

9th December - Santa Run at Sudeley Castle 5/8k

2nd December - Brean Down Santa Scramble 5/10k

1st December - Santa Run at Old Down Estate 5/10k

22nd November - Cattle Country Dark Skies 5/10k

17th November - Aspire 5 Mile Winter Series (1)

27th October - Warmley Forest Park 5/10k

6th October - Avon Valley Railway 4/10k

22nd September - Walcot Whopper 10k

9th September - Cattle Country 5/10k

14th August - Warmley Forest Park Sunset 5k (2)

5th August - Old Down Estate 5/10k

22nd July - Brean Down Challenge 5/10k

17th July - Warmley Forest Park Sunset (1)

3rd July - Aspire 5 Mile Summer Sunset (2)

19th June - Aspire 5 Mile Summer Sunset (1)

3rd June - Run the River (2) 7.5k/15k

6th May - Run the River (1) 7.5k/15k

22nd April - Cattle Country 5/10k

8th April - Old Down Estate 5/10k

7th April - Railway River Run 6/11k

24th March - The Walcot Whopper 10k

18th February - River Avon Trail 10k

3rd February - Avon Valley Railway 4k / 10k

27th January -​ Warmley Forest Park 5k / 10k

7th January -​ The Kelston 10k



Here are all the photos from our 2017 race calendar.




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