Our Philosophy


Running off road now and again would and should be a refreshing change to the miles of flat asphalt road runners are accustomed to.

Aspire races will include grass, gravel, mud and hills…. All these contribute to the perfect terrain for giving those core muscles a good work out. In theory leaving you stronger and less prone to injury.

With this in mind we strongly encourage road runners to enter our races for variety. Running on different surfaces means working and strengthening different muscles. Changing surfaces once in a while is extremely beneficial and stops your body adapting to just one surface.

We feel by starting off slowly with one of our 5k or 10k races will motivate even the most dedicated asphalt runner.

Let Aspire Running Events prove to you that off-road/trail running is fun… It’s a great all round work out and perfect for mental toughness… Plus very challenging

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